Woodhull 2017 Presentation

In August, Ms.Pomegranate and I presented “Unhacking Sex Positivity in the Post Truth Era” at Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit. The presentation dealt with the concept of post truthism and how the current climate of misinformation adversely affects the lives, health and relationships of sex positive people. In addition, the presentation also facilitated a discussion on actionable ways sex positive people can keep “alternative facts” from harming alternative lifestyles. The audience at Woodhull was engaged, and added to the presentation with lively observations about post truthism.

Here is the slideshow from our Woodhull presentation. Thank you to everyone who came out (on Saturday morning no less) and contributed their thoughts, passion and energy to the discussion!

Ms Pomegranate is an experienced sex educator - concentrating on Sexual health in the teen years, and BDSM for beginners. In the scene she is a rope bottom for MrBLK, and domme for all who would venture into her domain. Sex blogger, sex educator, and sexy - talking the taboos!

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