I’ve written a lot of blogs over the years.

    A lot.

    Before you take paper to pen, you must be motivated by some muse, some emotion, some cause – and that is never more true when you are writing a sex blog. Writing about your kids, home, trip to Mexico are all good, but start writing about sex…and well, things get awkward.

    Then the trepidatious voice asks the question everyone wants to know –


    So, for my first post I will answer why.

    Because I’ve acquired a wealth of knowledge, and I want to share.

    Because I don’t like the vocabulary we are using when we talk about sex, gender roles, and how we do what we do.

    Because I have a daughter, and she won’t, won’t, won’t be subject to stumbling that too many people do in regards to their sexuality.

    Because I have so much more to learn and I don’t want to undertake that journey alone.



    Let’s do this.



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