Why adult sex education matters

June is National Adult Sex Education Month. Here are some reasons why sex education tailored for adults is so important.

Sex has a different meaning for everyone

What is sex? For some it’s intercourse, for others it’s masturbation. Some people view cyber relationships as sexual, while others define deep connection and physical intimacy as requisite for sex. While many others acknowledge  that sexuality starts with self interaction. All of these people are correct, because sex can be all of this and much more. Sex isn’t simply fitting plug A into slot B. Sex education challenges us to broaden our definitions and understanding in regards to sex.

Sex Education is more than what you learned in high school

Think back to that awkward sex ed class you attended as a teen. Chances are, a good portion of the class was focused on abstinence. Essentially, you were expected to avoid what you were learning about. This didn’t leave a lot of room for in depth safer sex information. Were condoms or STI testing even mentioned? You may have been taught HIV was a death sentence. Perhaps monogamy was presented as being sexually safe, while having sex with someone of the same gender or a different race was inferred to be harmful. The sex ed presented to your teen self was shaped by the mores and assumptions of a specific era.

Times have changed. Medicine, technology and society has progressed, albeit slowly. We have a wealth of information about STI’s and new ways to either treat or prevent them. There are a plethora of products available to promote sexual health and pleasure, which can be obtained without shame. Society is more tolerant of the idea that our sexual partners may defy old conventions and that it’s  ok to do so. Consider adult sex ed to be continuing education for an increasingly complex and diverse sexual world.

Not all information is good information

In 2015 we have access to more sexual information and content then at any time in human history. This has a downside, because not all information is credible. Anyone can say virtually anything in regards to sex, ranging from comical to downright dangerous. In fact, a lot of well meaning educators give spotty advice. However, there are many more sexual educators that work hard to provide reliable information. Access to trustworthy sex ed has the same effect as any good education, it empowers the student to utilize knowledge, applicable to their unique situation. Good knowledge always counters bad, by giving people a choice. The fictional portrayal of BDSM in 50 Shades of Grey may not contain much factual, informative information. But fortunately there are many other books, and blogs and classes presented by teachers, professionals and specialists, that provide access to outstanding information.

It’s  what we do

Here at Persephonesbedroom.com we’re passionate about sex education. It’s a part of who we are and what we do. Join us for #AdultSexEducationMonth and every month as we share our knowledge and experiences, all in the hope that it helps you along your own sexual journey.

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MrBLK is a blogger, writer, bondage rigger, dominant and certified geek. I've been an event promoter, dungeon monitor and founded the B'more Munch, one of the longest running meetups in the Baltimore area. I draw on disparate experiences as a caregiver, martial artist and fitness trainer to craft scenes that are innovative and fun. When not crafting diabolical plans, I relax by reading comics or swinging kettlebells.

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