Three strikes; a review a trio of impact toys from MEO

To say that Ms.Pomegranate and I are aficionados of impact play and impact toys would be an understatement. Our first scene date together featured an impact scene that still makes me smile. As kink educators we present classes that introduce the basics of impact play. As tops we both enjoy having a consensually incapacitated sub on the end of our striking. When it comes to impact play, The Black Pomegranate is serious about our techniques and our gear. So we were excited to have the chance to review three different impact toys from our friends at MEO.

Our first review of a MEO product was for the Spandex Isolation Hood, so we’ve come to expect a high level of craftsmanship and quality from the company. We received the HURTME: DeLuxe Steel Crop,  HURTME: Spanking Stick S&M PRO and the HURTME: Spanking Stick Minos to test.

When we unboxed the impact toys, the quality was apparent. These three toys look and feel like toys intended for serious BDSM play. The word “professional” came to mind, the toys had a certain heft that indicated they were designed for multiple sessions. These are impact tools created for a playspace or dungeon, not flimsy novelty items. With Ms.Pomegranate agreeing to top me and give feedback for this review, we packed all three impact toys in our bag and set up at the familiar St. Andrew’s cross in our local playspace. Here’s our thoughts.

This review was a bit of a role reversal. In the aforementioned Spandex Hood review Ms.Pomegranate bottomed. When time came to try out the canes, it was my turn to bottom, with Ms.P topping me. Always gracious, Ms. Pomegranate went easy on me, which I suspect came from the fact that she realized that a full hard scene with all three implements would have been a bit intense. I stripped down, took my place on the St. Andrew’s cross and waited for my partner to begin.

An important consideration for any impact toy is whether the sensation delivered feels thuddy or stingy. A thuddy sensation is a percussive type of blow and resonates deeply, akin to a massage. A stingy sensation is lighter and quicker, the sensation it produces being felt on the surface of the skin, similar to a slap. Therefore, the better the desired sensations from a toy, the better the scene.

An experienced impact player, Ms.Pomegranate knows how beneficial warm up’s are to scenes. She chose to start with the HURTME: DeLuxe Steel Impact ToyCrop. Aptly named, the Crop is a thin metal rod, capped on each end, one side longer to fashion a handle. A good portion of the striking area is bare metal. It feels good when taken in hand, the stainless steel smooth to the touch. The Crop is inflexible, literally and figuratively. Thin crops tend to be flexible, and bend in your hand. As you throw them, there is a bit of recoil as the bounce back and return to the target, producing an oscillation. The DeLuxe Steel Crop isn’t flexible, so strikes delivered with it tend to have a heft that belies how thin it is.

Ms.Pomegranate started slowly and the strikes quickly began to warm up my butt and started my endorphin rush. It felt better on my back, which is my preferred place to be hit, because I like the sensation. I would characterize the crop as being a stingy sensation. I believe Ms.Pomegranate could have easily given me some nice welts and bruises by turning the intensity up a bit.  A definite must have for discipline scenes, the DeLuxe Steel Crop is certain to bring your favorite masochist to tears. This was probably my favorite toy and I look forward to using it as a top. We would recommend this toy for beginner to advanced players, since it’s versatile enough to use many different ways.

hurtme-spanking-stick-sm-pro-ref-9942-00Next, we moved on to the HURTME: Spanking Stick S&M PRO. The Spanking Stick has a definite cool factor, steel covered in leather. If the DeLuxe Crop is strict, then the Spanking Stick is all about authority. You’ll look like a dominant carrying this toy around a playspace. The rounded handle end piece is an elegant touch.  Ms.Pomegranate brandished the Spanking Stick while she walked around the play space, the look of toy complimenting her fetish outfit.

The Spanking Stick is reminiscent of a slightly heavy  escrima stick. There is a reason I compare it to a weapon. Any toy has the capacity to cause harm if used incorrectly, so the wielder should have an idea what it’s capable of. This stick is intended to deliver a heavy impact experience, so we’d recommend it for intermediate to advanced players. As with any quality tool, the user should be responsible. This stick will deliver bruises and ouchies. When Ms.Pomegranate struck me with it I felt a deep thuddy sensation with each strike. I had a pleasant soreness the day after, which I think came largely from the Spanking Stick.

Ms.Pomegranate noted how heavy the Spanking Stick felt while using it. I suspect that it’s rigidity causes the user to use more wrist and shoulder action, which along with the weight of the toy is what makes deep striking possible. One minor thing I noticed, the Spanking Stick has a cylindrical end, I would have preferred a curved, capped end to create a “sweet spot” for directed, thuddy impact. However, the leather is a very good grade with excellent stitching that will retain it’s quality though use and cleaning. This is a toy that will reliably inhabit your toybag for years. We recommend the Spanking Stick for intermediate to advanced players, those who can get the most out of this professional instrument and for bottoms experienced with heavy impact scenes.

We finished our session with Ms.Pomegranate’s favorite toy, the HURTME: Spanking Stick Minos. This is a hybrid piece of gear, I would describe it as hurtme-spanking-stick-minos-ref-9941-00a cross between a crop and cane. It’s flexible enough to function as a whip, yet stiff enough to be used as a traditional crop or cane. The Minos is made of a tightly braided leather and terminates in a sturdy handle with wrist strap.

Ms.Pomegranate remarked how good the Minos felt in her hand, as she took a few practice swipes. A flick of her wrist produced the requisite oscillation that allowed the tip to recoil nicely. The tip of the Minos is blunt, thick and rounded, so when it makes contact it produces a thuddy sensation. When hit, the Minos was the toy that made me squirm the quickest. A quick glance at Ms.Pomegranate showed a malevolent smile on her lovely face at my slight discomfort. The Minos allows the wielder to combine sensations, shorter strokes would feel stingy while longer strokes with more recoil would definitely feel thuddy. We played with the Minos the longest, which I believe was due to it’s ease of use and various applications. The Minos would be a great buy for someone new to impact play while also meeting the needs of experienced impact players. A great addition to any toybag, we recommend the Minos for all levels of kinksters.

As an initial review, Ms.Pomegranate and I were very impressed with these offerings from MEO. Each selection offers quality and kinky utility at a reasonable price point. The Minos and DeLuxe Steel Crop are toys that would be great additions to a toybag offering players versatility as their skills increase. The Spanking Stick offers a sjambok level of impact in a bespoke package. Check these offerings out, you won’t be disappointed.

Make an impact, play with consent and keep it kinky.

FTC Disclosure: MEO provided me with various items to review, including this hood. The opinions I shared about using these items are my own, and MEO did not tell me what to say or how to say

MrBLK is a blogger, writer, bondage rigger, dominant and certified geek. I've been an event promoter, dungeon monitor and founded the B'more Munch, one of the longest running meetups in the Baltimore area. I draw on disparate experiences as a caregiver, martial artist and fitness trainer to craft scenes that are innovative and fun. When not crafting diabolical plans, I relax by reading comics or swinging kettlebells.

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