A Special Interview with KinkBnB

Over the last year, KinkBnB has created a unique niche for the guest space sharing economy. KinkBnB allows people from all over the world to connect with sex positive hosts and accommodations. We interviewed Ryan Galiotto, the co founder of kinkbnb.com to learn more about the company and how they’re working to transform the sharing ecomony, all while supporting sex positivity. Read on and learn why your sleepover just got a little kinkier.

kinkbnb4Ryan, in the last few years the sharing economy has transformed business. What inspired you to co-found kinkbnb.com? Why did you think there was a need for sex positive space sharing? How did you and your co-founder settle on this particular niche?

The idea came with our friend of ours, who also had a rentable dungeon play space in her home, had her regular guest room dropped from a popular regular guest share space. That was when we realized that this was an important group not being served. Darren McKeeman put up our first website, which got 100 users signed up the first day. I have been an advocate for sexual diversity for long time like with my previous business, Wicked Grounds Kink Café and Boutique.

The new economy is all about finding that niche that’s not being served, kind of like Airbnb. It’s inevitable that Kinkbnb will be compared to airbnb. In what ways is your business model unique and different from airbnb? In your opinion, what makes kinkbnb a better choice for discerning adults seeking lodging?

Airbnb has strongly come out wanting to present only family friendly properties. KinkBnB, by focusing on the sex positive community, hopes to serve an underserved people who they do not want the business of. A large part of our society suppresses human sexuality which can make traveling difficult for those that have more diverse lifestyles. By specializing in adult play spaces, we want to help people be themselves.

One of those people might be Julie Simone, a well-known sex worker had her listing deleted from airbnb, apparently because of kinkbnb3her profession. Has Kinkbnb reached out to her or other sex professionals? How does kinkbnb hope to support the pro sex worker community?

The friend who inspired us in the first place is a professional dominatrix and friends of Julie Simone. KinkBnB takes our belief seriously and support the Red Umbrella Policy Project, a lobbyist group campaigning to support sex worker rights with the goal to decriminalize sex work, as well as local SWOP groups. (Sex Worker Outreach Project)

That’s awesome! How do you feel Kinkbnb is helping to foster a sense of community amongst BDSM practitioners? What positive effects do you think kinkbnb can bring to kinksters?

As I mentioned traveling can be difficult with one’s sexual identity if it differs from the majority. Through KinkBnB, travelers will be connected to hosts in the new areas and able to explore local resources and sex positive places.

In both the sharing economy and the kink community, safety are important issues. What features does Kinkbnb have in place to help keep hosts and and travelers safe? How does Kinkbnb strike a balance between maintaining privacy and safety for kinksters?

KinkBnB is working hard to establish each user reputation through various online communities and peer review. While users are welcome to use any name with the site, they can confirm themselves to KinkBnB. So we protect the user’s identity as well as promoting them among the community at large.

kinkbnb1Sounds like you are definitely being proactive on that front. Kinkbnb serves the kinky/BDSM community. Does the company have lodging tailored to other sex positive travelers such as polyamorists, swingers and nudists for example? Are there plans to exand the Kinkbnb model to other segments of the sex positive community?

KinkBnB is more than just for the BDSM community. Our hosts can set their listing’s amenities to include what is acceptable, and what is included. That could be simple things like AC and a kitchen to dungeon furniture and hot tub. But we also include things like if it’s a nudist household and/or swinger friendly and/or orgy friendly. This way every host can set what they are comfortable with.

OK, Ryan, last question – can you share your future vision for Kinkbnb? How would you like the company and sex positive sharing community to grow?

We hope that through us, the sex positive community reaches out to new people, make new friends, and grows not only in the States but throughout the world. Each booking through us connects people to other adventurous travels.

Check out kinkbnb.com for more information and to plan your own naughty getaway.

Whether at home or abroad, always keep it kinky.


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