Review – Black Berlin Lockable Cuffs

No matter what how you define BDSM the B is always bondage. Immobilizing someone and doing ‘things’ to them is thrilling, and pretty much a turn lockable-wrist-restraints-black-berlin-ref-8111-00on for anyone in BDSM. To that end, having some cuffs and ankle cuffs in your playbag is a almost a must, and the folks at MEO were awesome enough to send us the Black Berlin Lockable Cuffs to try.

And try we did.

The first thing you notice when you take these cuffs out of the box is how well padded they are, and the adorable locks on them. Of course I think bondage is adorable, I’m weird like that. But it does bring us to our first caveat – the keys. Keep a hold of those suckers, cause if you’re like me, they can get lost in heartbeat. But good news, every key fits every lock, and each lock has two keys. So, eight keys, when you only need one. My advice? Take one off and store the other seven, but I’m not your mother, live on the edge, do as you will. Go crazy with the keys!


Moving on…

I had a stapling scene planned with Mr BLK, and we used these cuffs for restraint. Putting him on the table, I affixed the cuffs to his wrists and ankles and locked them. The great thing about the cuffs being padded is that they don’t cut into the skin like some other cuffs can, but I was afraid it would get sweaty. But good news! Mr Blk said they were super comfortable (even when I pulled them tight) and his skin didn’t sweat underneath. But despite the comfort of the padding, they were secure and didn’t allow him to move away when I was wielding my evil skin stapler.

We don’t recommend putting any weight on these type of cuffs, as in a suspension with cuffs. There are specially made cuffs for that, and those are safer. In addition, keep the key handy and always check extremities when you use bondage cuffs – to make sure circulation is fine and the placement is not wonky.

Our final verdict? We LOVE the Black Berlin Lockable Cuffs and will be using them again. They are comfortable, secure, and add some awesomeness in our kinky play.

And GOOD NEWS, they are on sale. Make sure to snag you a pair!

Until next time – keep talking taboos!

FTC Disclosure: MEO provided me with various items to review, including this hood. The opinions I shared about using these items are my own, and MEO did not tell me what to say or how to say it.


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