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I love reading, smut, reading smut, and sex toys. When I heard there was a company combining all these great things, I had to check it out. A subscription box that firmly believes “Every smart, sexy woman deserves a happy ending.” I couldn’t agree more. Bawdy Bookworms bills itself as a steamy subscription box meets virtual book club. Thien-Kim Lam, the woman behind the great idea was nice enough to send me a box and I can tell you that I am hooked. Let’s see what awesome things were included:

2016-02-22 11.18.54





Here is the box when I first open it – look at that awesome packaging and handwritten note. But what’s inside??




2016-02-22 11.19.26





A book – already I love it. But this is review so I have to read the materials, and normally that is the boring part of the job. But these have information about the book, its authors, and the other products included. What other products you may ask? Well, glad you asked…


2016-02-22 11.20.02




OK, first let’s talk about the photo. It’s blurry. Is it blurry? I can’t tell. Either I was wearing my glasses then and not now, or vice versa. If you can’t see properly, then I am truly the worst blogger ever. But let me tell you what’s inside: book, “Beautiful Secret” by Christina Lauren; Tea, Earl Grey (my favorite), Walker’s shortbread, and Bijou Velvet Vibe in a bag. But it’s what else in the bag that really set this box apart. In the bag you’ll find….



2016-02-22 11.20.40




The Bijou velvet vibe (right, you knew that) but also a battery and a little bottle of lube. And there it is. What makes this box incredible – attention to detail. Not only did they choose a great steamy read (seriously, check the reviews), tea and shortbread, but a small vibrator with the required accoutrements. All with product information and packaged up beautifully and delivered discreetly to your door. Right now, I am drinking tea and continuing my delve into Ruby and Niall’s adventures. Who are they, you ask? Well you’ll just have to order the box to find out. Later, well, later me and my Velvet Vibe have a date.


Order your Bawdy Bookworms box here! And, as a gift for our readers, enter code BLKPOM for free shipping off your first quarterly Bawdy Book Box!


Until next time -keep talking the taboos!

Ms Pomegranate is an experienced sex educator - concentrating on Sexual health in the teen years, and BDSM for beginners. In the scene she is a rope bottom for MrBLK, and domme for all who would venture into her domain. Sex blogger, sex educator, and sexy - talking the taboos!

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