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Private Gym BoxKegel Curiosity

Working out has been a daily and weekly part of my life for years. From martial arts to weights, cardio to kettlebells, I’m constantly using exercise to improve my quality of life. So, when I learned about the Private Gym, my curiosity was piqued. Was it possible that kegel exercises could improve my sexual fitness and health? Is it really a workout? Just where do those weight go? Read on, as I detail my long term experience with the  Private Gym penile kegel workout program.

Before I proceed, a note about language. Often in this post, I mention males, females and respective bodies. In all of our writings, Ms.Pomegranate and I are focused on gender inclusive language. In writing this post, I refer to male and female as primary and secondary sexual characteristics. This is so I can make a practical distinction between kegels on a body possessing a penis vs one possessing a vagina. Note, this doesn’t demarcate gender, which is fluid and not contingent on sexual characteristics. It’s important to get the language describing the product correct in a manner that also recognizes gender fluidity. Fortunately, I believe I was able to do that.

I’ve heard about the health benefits of kegels for a while, like better orgasms and improved continence. I’ve tried kegels in the past, but the information I found was limited beyond simplistic directions to clench certain muscles x number of times. So the end result on my part has been half-hearted attempts to kegel, with no discernible plan or results I could actually see. Many of the exercisers that assist with kegels (like Ben Wa balls) simply won’t work for my body. So I always assumed my kegel training would be limited to the aforementioned clenches. There was a problem however, few of the current methods of kegeling offered men practical resistance and progression (I’m going to mention progression quite a bit in this review).

Enter the Private Gym. Billed as the first FDA approved kegel exercise program designed for men, Private Gym comes complete with a workout guide, support and weights. Yes, weights that you lift with your penis (more on that later). The premise of Private Gym is sound and firmly based in exercise theory. Simply put, pelvic muscles are like other skeletal muscles which can be conditioned and improved by progressive resistance. Earlier this year, I decided to test out the Private Gym program to learn for myself how effective it would be. Fortunately, I don’t have issues with erectile dysfunction or incontinence. However, I’m getting older (I’m writing this a few weeks before my 42nd birthday) so I have a vested interest in maintaining my sexual health. No, my erections aren’t  what they were at twenty, but I do want to do everything I can to make the erections I have now functional and satisfying. When I spoke to the company I let them know my review would be long term, because I felt I could only write a fair and candid review by completing the entire program. The company and their CEO, David Mandel were completely supportive of my idea, telling me to take the time I needed. The company also offered their full support, in case I had ideas and questions.

Private Gym KitUnboxing the Gym (And A Lifting Fail)Private Gym Weight

I received my Private Gym, which consisted of a booklet, DVD, weight system and discreet case. The Private Gym weights consist of an adjustable sleeve that is weighted and fits over the tip of the penis. There is an additional add on weight that can be used to increase the resistance. Of course, I tried lifting the weights with my semi erect penis, which I completely failed at. Apparently, my pelvic muscles were that weak. This was a comical yet humbling realization, but it also gave me a baseline which to measure my progress against.

The Private Gym program is information rich. Owners of the gym have an online account which offers users access to several videos explaining every facet of the program. These videos are proprietary, but people interested in the Gym can see some informational videos on the company’s YouTube channel.

As I mentioned earlier, the program is based on progressive resistance, split into two parts. The first four weeks are based on building basic conditioning in the pelvic muscles. The second part of the program incorporates the weights in order to build greater strength and stamina in the pelvic muscles. The workout is timed and broken into follow along video segments, which are available on either the web or the DVD. I like the fact that the product is designed to work in conjunction with medical treatments when necessary. For people like myself, without medical issues, the Private Gym offers discernable health benefits without pushing unrealistic promises. (A healthy dose of of discernment is always needed when looking at workout programs).

The exercise weights are really what make the Private Gym unique. The basic weight is comprised of a cuff that fits around the penis. It’s curved, and doesn’t lock or buckle, so it’s easy to remove. Being adjustable, it can fit various sizes as well as adapt for changes when erections happen. The base of the cuff is weighted, providing resistance for the kegels. There is an additional weight that links to the base via magnet. The overall experience of having the weight on my penis wasn’t uncomfortable at all, dispelling any natural trepidation someone may have about putting weights on such a sensitive part of the body.

Private Gym Weight
The basic idea of how the ring adds resistance to kegels

My Experience with Private Gym’s Program

I embarked on the Private Gym’s program, committing to finish it. My attitude was to treat it as I would any other workout, to stay on track and recover when I slipped up. So I made time to do the exercises at allotted times during the week, completing each rep and set while trying to feel the muscles work. For me, this meant taking time each morning at waking or on busy days doing the exercises at night before bed. I performed the first week of exercises lying down concentrating to work the pelvic muscles correctly and not contract the wrong muscles, like my glutes, hamstrings or thighs. The first full workout, my muscles grew fatigued but this diminished by the end of the first week. I noticed that by the second week, my I seemed to respond better at times when I sat upright rather than lying down but I think this may have been a matter of personal preference. Perhaps sitting upright helped me to visualize the lifting aspect of each exercise better.

Private Gym recommends that being semi or fully erect while doing the exercises is helpful. The company also advises that it’s natural to lose an erection while doing said exercises. I had trouble at first maintaining and erection while doing the exercises. Being completely, honest, the movement of doing kegels is different than the regular contact I’m accustomed to while masturbating or being intimate. I also felt a bit distracted, trying to be aroused while focusing on the exercises. No one ever said paying attention to reps and sets would be sexy.

My solution was to incorporate the exercise time along with masturbation. I would set aside a little extra time to become aroused, then do the exercises. I also relaxed, and didn’t pressure myself if I lost the erection. (Private Gym gives advice for how to complete a session when you do lose an erection). With practice, I found that I was able to maintain a good erection for the duration of the workout.

There was another reason I was able to maintain a better erection. I could feel my muscles get stronger. When I concluded the basic conditioning, I knew that my erections were firmer. When masturbating, and having an orgasm, I could feel those muscles pump and work. Encouraged, I moved on to the second phase, which incorporated the weights.

In the second phase, I performed much better with the weights than I did in my initial experience, when I couldn’t lift any weight at all. Wisely, the Private Gym program offers modifications and advice which helps you to move through the workouts and intimately toward your goal. This is one of the biggest assets of the Private Gym. Any workout program must strike a balance. It has to offer progression while being doable. If a workout is too easy, it doesn’t yield results. If a workout is impossible, people get discouraged and drop out. Private Gym covers the steps necessary for progression and success. It explains what kegels are, why they are important and how to do them. It provides balanced, progressive workouts which are doable, while being flexible and adaptive. Miss a day or a week? Need to modify an exercise? Private Gym allows you to do so, all while moving you along toward the end goal.

Private Gym Weight
…and additional weight

Private Gym Weight
The resistance ring…

When I reached the last week and could complete all the exercises with weights, I knew it was beneficial, simply because I could do something I wasn’t able to do just a few weeks beforehand. I felt that my continence was improved even more, and there was absolutely an improvement in my climaxes when masturbating.

The Takeaway

The Private Gym is a safe and effective way for men to reap the benefits of doing kegels. The information and support provided is scientifically accurate and the company fully supports the product. The weights are ingenious and offer the progression so vital to any workout, al while being body safe and practical. The product address issues of sexual health and fitness in a sophisticated, sex positive manner which is solution based. It makes sense that exercise can improve every aspect of life, including sexuality. As with any exercise program, you’re going to reap the benefits of what you put into it.

There is one caveat, if you suspect that you have a problem with incontinence or erectile dysfunction, don’t self diagnose. Instead, reach out to receive competent medical help.

I recommend the Private Gym. Kegels are now a staple of my weekly routine and a welcome addition to my regimen of sexual health self care. Consider adding kegels and the Private Gym to your sexual health plan. You won’t be disappointed.

Keep kegeling and keep it kinky.

Disclaimer: I received the Private Gym for free with the understanding that I would do an unbiased, long term review.

MrBLK is a blogger, writer, bondage rigger, dominant and certified geek. I've been an event promoter, dungeon monitor and founded the B'more Munch, one of the longest running meetups in the Baltimore area. I draw on disparate experiences as a caregiver, martial artist and fitness trainer to craft scenes that are innovative and fun. When not crafting diabolical plans, I relax by reading comics or swinging kettlebells.

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