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Recently, the subscription box company Playbox sent us one their monthly boxes to review. Previously in the year we reviewed another subscription box, Bawdy which Ms.Pomegranate absolutely loved. So we were interested in checking out a box stocked with BDSM gear. Here’s what we found.

Our box was shipped discretely, which is always good when talking about adult products and arrived quickly, in only a couple days time. We weren’t aware what the box contained so it was a genuine surprise to open it. Our box was named the Impact Box and featured a leather slapper, blindfold, tweezer nipple clamps and a wartenberg pinwheel. Small details count, The box included cards from Justin Sayne, the leather fabricator who created 2016-06-16 10.55.25the leather slapper. The interior presentation of the box more than made up for the plain exterior, crepe paper and having the interior lid cover etched with a fun handcuff logo made the Playbox truly feel like a gift.

Ms. Pomegranate and I tested out several of the contents of the Playbox for a fun femdom scene where I bottomed. First up was the leather slapper and let us tell you, it’s severe. When Ms. Pomegranate whacked me with it, the sound reverberated throughout the room (and we’re talking a big room). She noted that she was able to deliver both thuddy and stingy sensations depending on which side of the slapper she used. I describe the toy as a slapper rather than a flogger because it’s constructed of a solid piece rather than having tresses. The slapper doesn’t have a solid handle, rather the handhold is folded and stitched leather which extends down from the striking surface of the leather. This creates a natural fold due to the grain of the leatherhide, I suspect this is why Ms.Pomegranate stated one side is thuddy, the other stingy. I felt a nice impact sensation from the slapper and it’s small size allowed Ms.P to give me quite a nice beating with little effort. I do think the slapper may benefit from a solid handle, it will be interesting to see how the natural softening process changes the slapper and the impact it provides.

2016-06-16 10.55.04Blindfolds often have a couple of shortcomings. Either they are scratchy and uncomfortable to wear or they don’t completely block the bottom’s sight, so wind up not being effective. I was very pleased with the Playbox blindfold. It was extremely comfortable and made from a material that was soft and padded, almost like a smooth memory foam. It had a elastic strap with velcro that was adjustable, which made it easier to put on and wear for the duration of a scene. The coolest feature of the blindfold was it’s ergonomic design, the blindfold had molded space for the eyes and nose. When I put it on, the shape meant I couldn’t see yet I was able to open my eyes under the blindfold, keeping me from having to squint for the duration of the scene to block the light out.

We both loved the wartenberg pinwheel contained in the box. It was well crafted from stainless steel and 2016-06-16 10.53.39sharp enough to get a rise out your sub. Well weighted, the pinwheel had a wonderful bite as Ms.P moved it across my back for a bit of sensation play after she finished with the impact portion of our scene. Always important for any sharp toys, the stainless steel material made the pinwheel easy to clean after the scene was over.

The final toy from the Playbox were the tweezer clamps with bells. Another well made product, made of steel and rubber tips to secure the fit.I tried them on, fumbling a bit at first. But once they were on they stayed on even with me moving around. The accompanying bells provided me with a nice touch of erotic humiliation and a bit of extra 2016-06-16 10.53.01weight which made the clamps more effective. Although they weren’t painful to me personally, I think someone who is female bodied or has sensitive nipples would have a more intense experience from the clamps.

The Playbox offers several quality toys at a decent price. Just using the contents of the Playbox alone would allow people new to kink to put together a few creative scenes. For more experienced people, the individual pieces are a nice way to collect gear and add to a toy bag. Several people at the party that we attended were impressed by the Playbox. Ms.Pomegranate and I recommend that you check out Playbox, you won’t be disappointed.

With bells on, always keep it kinky.


FTC disclosure: We received a free product in exchange for the review. However, all views are ours and we were not told what to say. Because Playbox is awesome like that.

MrBLK is a blogger, writer, bondage rigger, dominant and certified geek. I've been an event promoter, dungeon monitor and founded the B'more Munch, one of the longest running meetups in the Baltimore area. I draw on disparate experiences as a caregiver, martial artist and fitness trainer to craft scenes that are innovative and fun. When not crafting diabolical plans, I relax by reading comics or swinging kettlebells.

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