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As a top, I absolutely love the use of hoods in a scene. So I was excited when Black Pomegranate received the  Spandex Isolation Hood from MEO to test. After a recent teaching engagement we had an opportunity to try the hood out, here are our thoughts.

I have a couple criteria whenever using headgear for play. First and foremost, I like to make certain that the gear is breathable and comfortable to wear for the duration of a scene, approximately thirty to forty minutes at least. Because of personal experience I also like to make sure that headgear doesn’t place undue pressure on the eyes. Before the scene, both Ms. Pomegranate and I briefly tried the hood on, and the initial test went fine for comfort and safety. The hood felt comfortably snug and I felt good about using it with my partner, so we proceeded to the full scene.

Ms.Pomegranate agreed to bottom, allowing me the privilege of topping her in a sensory deprivation and sensation scene. She placed the hood over her head and I bound her to a St. Andrew cross. Once she was secure, I began the teasing and sensation as we moved on to the fun stuff.

The first thing I noticed was how completely the hood obscured my partner’s features. One of the many things I love about Ms.Pomegranate is her expressive eyes and smile, which is my subtle indication that she’s happy with a scene. The hood took her identity away, the spandex fully hiding her features. This helped me to get into a dominant headspace. The obscuring of my partner’s face was so complete that it allowed me to see her as a consensual object, only there to provide me with pleasure and enjoyment, so if you want to try objectification play, this hood will definitely help.

When I tried the hood, I could tell it only let in a glint of light, imagine looking through a bedsheet. The darker the space, the harder it would be to see. Unlike a lot of blindfolds, it would be impossible for a bottom to peek about the edges and see anything. I used this lack of vision to my advantage, because as I teased and tormented Ms. Pomegranate I think she was genuinely surprised. I realized she couldn’t see what I was about to do, she had to wait and feel before she could react. This give and take led to some fun moments that kept Ms. Pomegranate guessing.

I noticed something else in the scene, Ms.Pomegranate was quieter than normal. At one particular moment she responded to me by merely nodding. Once again this added to the theme of perceived helplessness and objectification in the scene. To me, having her mouth covered metaphorically took away her ability to speak. Gags aren’t comfortable for Ms.Pomegranate, so we don’t use them, the hood provided a nice visual alternative. However, she was fully able to speak. When my partner called for the end of the scene I was able to hear her clearly and to respond quickly. Our scene lasted about thirty minutes and Ms.Pomegranate didn’t have any issues with breathing or discomfort. A final thing I noticed as I untied her, she was able to lift the hood off with her free hand. However, the hood was secure enough that she couldn’t have shaken it off while restrained, which was a nice touch. (I prefer bondage to be authentic and fairly hard to escape, if at all.)

The Lowdown: Spandex Isolation  Hood – Meo


  • Well constructed from quality spandex. Felt lightweight yet substantial.
  • Had a snug fit without compression.
  • Didn’t have any interior seams which could create pressure points.
  • Expanded well to fit my partner’s head comfortably (Ms. Pomegranate  recently had a haircut, so the hood fit very well, almost like a swim cap).
  • Was very good at creating sensory visual deprivation.
  • Would work in various BDSM scenes.
  • Didn’t restrict my partner’s breathing at any point, nor did it inhibit her communication.
  • The price point makes it practical to purchase more than one, to use with various partners.


  • Doesn’t provide a complete sensory deprivation experience. Speaking and hearing is still possible while in the hood.   (The darker the room, the more effective the hood is in blocking light).
  • Uncertain how well the hood would work with a ball gag. An open mouth version would probably work better if you want to completely silence your partner.
  • Curious how the hood would work in a warmer playspace. (Sometimes the playspaces here in Maryland are hot during the summer, I wonder if the hood would still be comfortable to someone whose perspiring).

The Takeaway:

The Spandex Isolation Hood from Meo is a well constructed and body friendly addition to your toybag. It works well for sensory deprivation and can be worn for the duration of play. We recommend the hood if you want to rob your partner of their sight while doing wicked things. They’ll never see it coming.

A sexy and hooded partner? Keep it kinky, indeed.


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FTC Disclosure: MEO provided me with various items to review, including this hood. The opinions I shared about using these items are my own, and MEO did not tell me what to say or how to say it.

MrBLK is a blogger, writer, bondage rigger, dominant and certified geek. I've been an event promoter, dungeon monitor and founded the B'more Munch, one of the longest running meetups in the Baltimore area. I draw on disparate experiences as a caregiver, martial artist and fitness trainer to craft scenes that are innovative and fun. When not crafting diabolical plans, I relax by reading comics or swinging kettlebells.

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