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I’ve always had a mixed reaction to masturbation sleeve toys. On one hand, I’ve been intrigued by the idea that a good masturbation sleeve could enhance self pleasure beyond the sensations one could create just using their hands. At the same time, I’ve been wary that cleanup and maintenance of such toys would quickly become a chore.

So when I had the chance to review one back in 2016, I was fairly excited. The product was a Blewit masturbator and it was gifted to every attendee of a sex positive conference I had the chance to present at. As soon as I got home from the event, I sent my confirmation email and waited for my Blewit to arrive.

My wait of a few weeks turned into months as the Blewit was never delivered. Eventually, I stopped getting reply emails from the company to update the status of the Blewit. Honestly, this soured me on the company ( you could say they blew it with me….) and I gave up on the prospect of having an opportunity to test the toy.

Cut to Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit in 2018, where I had the chance to meet Zoe Ligion, the owner of Spectrum Boutique, who offered me an opportunity to test and review something from her store. After checking out her website, I noticed Zoe carried a Blewit. Now, this was important to me, since I knew that Shop Spectrum had a reputation as a retailer of only carrying high-quality products. I let Zoe know I was interested in reviewing the Blewit and a few days later, the product arrived in the mail.

When looking at the Blewit, it’s inevitable to compare the product to the better known Fleshlight brand. The thing that always bothered me about the Fleshlight was that it’s cleanup process seemed like it would be tedious with the necessity of both cleaning the toy and using cornstarch to keep the inner sleeve pliable. The Blewit promises that cleanup was just as simple as rinsing the toy thoroughly and that no cornstarch was needed.

Opening the Blewit package, it doesn’t look like a sex toy. This seems to be a selling point of the company, that their product was so nondescript that it could be mistaken for a bluetooth speaker. The shape of the toy is a graduated octagon, which makes for a comfortable, sturdy grip, which is important when holding on to the toy with sticky, lube covered fingers.

It has to be said, the Blewit is marketed as a “men’s” masturbator. It’s 2019, can’t we get away from gendered sex toy marketing? The Blewit website markets the toy as such, however it’s very cool to point out Shop Spectrum doesn’t gender the product at all.

The Blewit is a modular toy, where every part has a purpose. The parts are:

The octagonal sleeve that the user holds, essentially the body of the toy

The silicone sleeve which is ribbed with interior nodules which provide sensation while stroking.

The end cap with vacuum vent.

The sizing ring

The drying dock

The directions are for the Blewit are pretty straightforward. A user removes the drying dock end caps and inserts their penis into the interior sleeve to begin stroking until orgasm is reached. It’s recommended to use liberal amounts of water based lube in the Blewit. For my tests, I used two approaches to lube. For the first time, I lubed my penis, then inserted it into the toy. For tests after that, I applied lube to the top of the interior sleeve and poured additional lube into the sleeve itself, which meant my penis got coated once I inserted myself.

The inner sleeve felt snug but comfortable and the sensation nodules inside the sleeve felt good. I like that the entire inner sleeve had the modules, so your penis will get stimulation no matter where you prefer it.

The other part of the Blewit that controls the user experience is the vacuum control valve at the end of the toy. If it’s open, then the suction of the toy is lessened. This is good if someone wants to experience quick, fluid stroking without a lot of resistance. If the value is closed, the suction is increased, and increases on each subsequent stroke. Personally, I preferred the feeling with more suction, while making me glad for the liberal amounts of lube I used.

The Blewit is marketed as a stamina trainer, and I can attest it’s effective. The silicone sleeve and suction control does a good job of approximating penetrative sex and the array of sensations the toy provides allows the user to gradually build up to an orgasm. The toy provided enough stimulation that I was able to use it while semi erect, and it helped me to achieve a full erection, without any other stimulation. When fully erect, the toy was easy to use and allowed me to have fun edging my way up to orgasm. As a kink toy, the Blewit would be great as a part of a consensual cock milking or edging scene.

The shape of the housing truly comes into play, by providing a solid place for your hands to grip. In a 20 minute masturbation session, my hands didn’t get fatigued and I was able to get consistently good strokes because of how the toy was shaped. The toy itself also has a texture that helps the user to maintain grip and control. The octagon shape means you aren’t trying to hold onto a cylinder, and the toy is flared, so the part that’s closer to your penis is wider, which also helps the grip.

After a masturbation session, the time came to test if the toy was truly easy to clean up. The directions say that all that cleanup requires is rinsing the you out thoroughly and allowing it to dry.

I opted to rinse the toy off in the shower. I rinsed the outside to remove any materials and let a stream of water flow down the shaft of the masturbation sleeve, to ensure that all the materials had been removed. Although the directions say it isn’t necessary, I removed the sleeve from the Blewit housing to make sure I rinsed it out thoroughly. Once again, it’s imperative to choose the right kind of lube so the toy can be rinsed properly without leaving gunky remnants. Also important, remove the end cap (the one that controls the vacuum suction) so that the water flows directly through the toy, making the rinsing as effective as possible.

After rinsing the toy clean, the next step is to dry the Blewit. For this step, one has to replace part of the end cap which I has raised air vents, to allow for the airflow to dry out the interior of the toy. I did this, making sure to leave the end cap off, to maximize the airflow. It took a couple of hours sitting on my dresser to ensure that the toy was dry. After a day of sitting on the drying dock, the blew it was completely dry, which is essential to make sure you don’t leave mildew creating moisture in your toy.

My takeaway is that the Blewit is a good product that delivers on its promises. It’s compact, easy to clean and provides a good masturbation experience, whether the user is looking for pleasure or stamina training.

As a part of my review, I worked with Spectrum Boutique, therefore I didn’t have a chance to deal Blewit directly as a company. So I can’t evaluate their customer service, but one can hope their communication is better then it was in 2016 when the company was in its early stages. A simpler solution is to buy the Blewit from a reliable retailer like Zoe and the team at Shop Spectrum. Working with them has been a pleasure.

I’d recommend the Blewit to anyone looking for a good penis masturbator. It’s said good things come to those who wait, the Blewit turned out to be a good thing. Give it a try and keep it kinky.

MrBLK is a blogger, writer, bondage rigger, dominant and certified geek. I've been an event promoter, dungeon monitor and founded the B'more Munch, one of the longest running meetups in the Baltimore area. I draw on disparate experiences as a caregiver, martial artist and fitness trainer to craft scenes that are innovative and fun. When not crafting diabolical plans, I relax by reading comics or swinging kettlebells.

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