Partialism s a fetishistic behavior characterized by sexual arousal by specific body parts. Individuals with partialism sometimes describe the anatomy of interest to them as having equal or greater erotic attraction for them as do the genitals. Partialism occurs in heterosexual, bisexual and homosexual individuals. The foot is considered one of the most common partialisms.


    Podophilia Foot fetish Foot
    Oculophilia Eye fetish Eye
    Maschalagnia Armpit fetish Armpits
    Mazophilia Breast fetish Breasts
    Pygophilia Butt fetish Buttocks
    Nasophilia Nose fetish Nose
    Trichophilia Hair fetish Hair
    Alvinophilia Belly button fetish Navel
    Alvinolagnia Belly/Stomach fetish Belly
    Hand fetishism Hand fetish Hands
    Legophilia Leg fetish Legs
    Lip fetishism Lip fetish Lip
    Neck fetishism Neck fetish Neck
    Ear fetishism Ear fetish Ears
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