Five Myths About…Adult Sex Education


June is National Adult Sex Education Month, and we’ve heard some interesting comments about what we do. Here’s some of our favorites.

1) That’s what porn is for – Well, porn is fine. It’s healthy, and being turned on by it is natural. But porn does not teach you about sex. It might give you some ideas to try, but porn is not real life. Sex is messy and sometimes funny, and sometimes transcendent and sometimes hot, but I can guarantee you that you won’t ever get a 13 inch cock from the pizza boy. Just sayin’

2) We learned that in middle/ high school – If you did, if you really did then you are in the minority. Most kids, teens and young adults aren’t getting any information, or fed information to make them afraid to have sex. They should be having conversations around birth control, STDs, and consent – but instead they are being told “to wait for the right one“. So adult sex ed is playing catch up – learning what you didn’t (but should’ve) in school.

3) You must love Fifty Shades of Grey – No, no we don’t. It exists, that’s why we need to be out there.

4) You must be having the best (kinkiest, hottest) sex – No, we aren’t. But we are having healthy sex (we hope), and we can talk about sex without stammering or getting embarrassed, mainly because we talk about it so much. We hope that makes you comfortable, and that you can talk to us or other sex educators about anything sex education – we can guarantee you it’s not stupid, unheard of, or rare. We are here for you, to talk about what you didn’t learn in school, or anything else sex related.

5) “I learned this from my friend/ magazine/ barista” – Ugh. Just stop. The advice you are getting is probably bad advice, or not the advice you need right now, and there is no guarantee that your ‘friend’ ever did the thing you ‘just have to try’. There is some great sex advice out there, go forth and seek it out. Seek out your local sex shop and go to their classes, and learn, learn, learn. We here The Black Pomegranate/ Persephone’s Bedroom are still learning every day.

We hope you’re enjoying National Adult Sex Education Month, and we hope you keep talking the taboos!


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