Electrical Play – A Shocking Good Time

Electrical Play is one of the scariest things that I can bring up in BDSM environments. For many people, it’s a hard limit. Shocking, I know. (There will be many puns, sorry (not sorry)). However, I am of a mind that it is misunderstood and can be a pleasurable experience. Today we will take a deep dive into electricity, and the many ways you can incorporate it into your play.

What is it?

Let’s start with what it is. Electrical play (also known as e-stim, or erotic electrostimulation) is when you use any type of electrical apparatus in your play. This includes violent wands, TENS units, tasers and cattle prods. The play is done at a relatively low voltage to stimulate the body or genitals. For some it can feel like light stimulation, and for others it can be described as hard zap. For this reason, some consider electrical play edge play. I, for one, think that some of it can be edge play (I’ll detail some scenarios at the end), but for the most part, it is simply electrical stimulation.

TENS and Violet Wands

Violet Wand Set
Violet Wand Set

There are two popular types of electrical appliances that you often see – the violet wand and a TENS unit. Violet Wand first. A Violet Wand is a modified ‘Tesla’ coil-type electrical transformer, one that is engineered specifically as a safe sexual aid or kink toy. It emits a flow of electricity that is completely safe and of a low current. The appliance itself is usually a large cylindrical construction with a cord at one end and a hole (nosecone) at the other end. There is an opening at the nosecone for implements that touch the person receiving the estim. The implement is plasma filled and is called an electrode and they come in every shape imaginable. We will do a post on violet wands later, but know at their simplest you plug it in and have electricity to play with – from gentle to less gentle. The violet wand is beautiful to play with and produces a unique scene.

TENS unit
TENS unit

The next popular item is a TENS unit. The Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or TENS unit is something you will find in hospitals and doctor’s office as well as dungeons. The way it works is that electrodes are placed at specific sites on a user’s body, the electrodes receive current from a machine with different adjustable settings to control amplitude (intensity) of stimulation by controlling the voltage, current, and pulse width (duration) of each pulse. A lot people use this to for muscle pain. But, of course, we kinky people learned how twist to our own delicious uses. The most common use is to put TENS electrodes on your genitals, for the purpose of a great orgasm. Men can use the electrodes on the underside of their shaft, while women can attach it to an insertable (dildo) or near their clitoris. (Pro-tip – shave first). Because the power of the TENS is adjustable, you can make the scene fun and interesting or really painful. You can attach the electrodes to things that conduct electricity, like butt plugs and insertables, and…needles.

Edge play – and now for the most edge play scene I have even witnessed. I once saw a beautiful women stick needles in the large muscle groups of a man, include the testes, and apply TENS nodes to them. To say that he experienced pain would not accurately capture the intensity of this scene. Also, I really want to do this someone. Any volunteers? No? Moving on.

Tasers and cattle prods

You know what these are, and they remain the scariest of the electricity play for many people. It always reminds me of touching an

Eletrical Prod
Electrical Prod

electric fence. (Something I did on a regular basis when I was young). If you incorporate this into your play, remember to use one for that purpose. One on the lower side of voltage. Ever see the videos where people try out the tasers that cops use? Yeah, not those kind.


This is pretty straight forward. Don’t use home-made devices. You will certainly likely injure or kill someone. Try to get the devices from kinky retailers so you know they are safe, and make sure to stay in the recommended frequency range of 300-3000 hz. Which is why we use the phrase “low and slow”. Start with low voltage and go up slowly. Most healthy people can take some electricity, but avoid this play if you have a history of epilepsy, a history or strokes or seizures, nerve damage and heart disease. Always stay away from the head and neck when doing electrical play and be aware of piercings. Piercings heat up under electricity and can cause burns. Burns are the number one injury from this type of play, so again, low and slow.

How does it feel? Well, that’s the thing. Everyone is different. I don’t mean everyone has a different pain tolerance kind of different, I mean the sensation is different. Some think it feels like punch, other a tickle, still others a feather, and some static electricity. Even at low levels, someone can feel a lot of pain from electricity.

Is this for me?

A lot of people who would never try electrical play LOVE the violet want and never go any further than that. For that purpose, I always recommend trying it out. If you like it, move on to TENS units and then maybe incorporate a taser into a scene if you are feeling adventurous .

For the bondage lovers, Twisted Monk makes an electrified rope that you can hook up to a TENS unit for some unique fun.

What an electrifying post! I’m zapped.

Until next time!

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Ms Pomegranate is an experienced sex educator - concentrating on Sexual health in the teen years, and BDSM for beginners. In the scene she is a rope bottom for MrBLK, and domme for all who would venture into her domain. Sex blogger, sex educator, and sexy - talking the taboos!

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  1. I think your frequency numbers are off. Did you mean 30 to 300hz? Im from Europe and I have never seen a unit that goes higher than 150hz


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