Dark Odyssey

February is my favorite month, and not because of Valentine’s Day. No, February means it is time for Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire. Haven’t heard about Winter Fire? Let me fill you in – it’s a kink convention where hundreds of BDSM enthusiasts take over two hotels (and a little bit of a third one) and rock out with our cocks out (but only in the playspaces because no nudity in the lobby, k?)

No seriously, it is a weekend of learning, playing, meeting, hugging, tying, sex, play, fire, whips, play, classes, parties, and play. There is something for everyone – from cuddle parties to a masquerade. The daytime hours are mostly focused on education, and the night hours are for parties and play. This event is ideal if you don’t have a lot of events (educational or play) in the area you live in. It is also ideal for spending a weekend doing what you love.

(Dark Odyssey also puts on camps on both coasts – but camping is just not my style, so this hotel takeover is perfect for my non-roughing it sensibilities).

My favorite class this year came from the girls from Dudes in Distress, who spent an hour teaching us how to creatively do CBT bondage – and was it any wonder that they threw my favorite party? Yes, at the Dudes in Distress party, a wonderful sub scened with me, and we had an awesome time.

However, my rope top and I did a new suspension and this time we got pictures! I cannot WAIT to share them!

Sometimes I get to stop and love my life. Being poly means I can leave one partner at home and go with another to an event and come home to love and snuggles.

There was one snag to my weekend. City Paper published a disastrous article on BDSM. It cries out for a response, and will get one from me in short order. But for now, I am going to rest, bask in the glow of my weekend, and get ready for the week.

Play safe, my pretties!


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