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Today we are going to talk about my favorite BDSM tool, the humble clothespin. No special store needed, or ordering through the mail to come in plain and nondescript packaging – no, you can get these at the dollar store or Amazon. I regularly buy cheap ones since they break easy. Humble and cheap they may be, but they pack a great sensation.

First up – wood or plastic? I prefer wood – plastic clothespins seem to have a stronger grip and more intense, plus they are a little more expensive. Remember when getting wood clothespins to get the ones with the springs, the non-spring ones don’t work (obviously).

Remember they are just like clamps – Clothespins have give a grip with between 4 and 6 pounds of pressure over an area of 3/16 X 1/2 inches. But they will feel different in different areas of the body. Whereas I can have twenty clothespins on my ribcage, I only like one on my nipple area. Of course you can decrease the grip a few ways. One is to wrap elastic bands around the ends, but to be honest I never do this. It stops the flow of play, and the pressure of the clothespin is enough for me. You can also reduce the pressure by opening the clothespin to its widest and clamping it on something for a few days. This loosens the springs and weakens the grip a little. (I don’t do this either, but just something to keep in mind).  You can test the intensity of the clothespins in the web of skin between your forefinger and thumb. There are some specially designed clothespins for BDSM, and they tend to be sturdy and have A LOT of pressure, just something to keep in mind if you are taking your play to the next level.

Where to put them? Anywhere! Anywhere you can pinch skin, you can put on a clothespin. Of course, many people like to start out on the breasts (and the nipple), but I love starting on the ribcage and working around to that. You can also put the on the nipples, labia, clit, balls, penis, belly, back, inner thigh, arm, fingers, lips, chin, toes, earlobe, and many other places. Pierced body parts might be a challenge, you may need to work around the piercings or you may have to adjust the position or pressure if using directly over a piercing.  You can even take a cane or crop and hit the area around the pinch or the clothespins itself. Just don’t be surprised if they pop off, but don’t let that stop you! This is not rocket science – PUT THOSE SUCKERS ON, play around! The pinch feels good.


Taking them off is even better (or worse). As a sub (or receiver of clothespin), be aware that the intensity really ramps up when you take these suckers off. There’s nothing to stop it, and no safe word will change that. Keep this in mind before you put them on. You might be asking why is it more intense and the answer is really simple. When you put on the clothespin, you arrest the blood flow to that part of the body, and when you take it off all the circulation comes rushing back. Those places might be really sensitive for a several hours and you can certainly play with it to sharpen the sensation.

There are people who modify the clothespin by drilling holes in the ends and adding weights. As for me, I’m simple, stick them on, keep them on (tweak them a bit to let the pain flow), and then take them off. It’s just my favorite thing.

The Zipper! One way people like to use clothespins is the zipper. Lay down cord or yarn on the skin where you want to put the clothespin, and pinch it in the clothespin along with the skin. At the end leave a few feet free and when you are ready, you can pull on the string to get the clothespins to pop off in rapid succession, kind of like zipper teeth. I’ve seen very long zippers that go up and down the torso, and short ones that are on specific parts of the body. Be sure to give it a try!

Here’s the safety lectureDo not leave on longer than 15-20 minutes in the same spot without releasing and reattaching to prevent tissue damage.  At all times watch for signs of skin tissue distress –  discoloration (blue or purple) and coldness.

Happy Pinning, and keep Talking the Taboos!

photo credit: At Attention via photopin (license)

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