Chest Harness Tutorial

Our third bondage tutorial covers the basic chest harness. Rope geeks often refer to the engineering that goes into creating a chest harness, which looks simple from the front but is complex when viewed from the rear. The harness is a foundational tie that creates a base for building complex bondage ties. When combined with other ties, the chest harness is an integral part of functional bondage for BDSM play. As a single tie, the harness is aesthetically pleasing and provides great stimulation, especially to female bodied persons.

Before attempting the chest harness, review our tutorials on the Square knot single column and Double column bondage ties. A chest harness requires two thirty foot lengths of bondage suitable rope that is 6 to 8 mm in diameter. Make certain to have bandage scissors or a rescue cutter handy in the event of an emergency. Most importantly, receive fully informed consent before tying and negotiate the use of safewords. Diligent communication should be a part of any bondage tying. Let’s get started.

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Play safely and keep it kinky.

MrBLK is a blogger, writer, bondage rigger, dominant and certified geek. I've been an event promoter, dungeon monitor and founded the B'more Munch, one of the longest running meetups in the Baltimore area. I draw on disparate experiences as a caregiver, martial artist and fitness trainer to craft scenes that are innovative and fun. When not crafting diabolical plans, I relax by reading comics or swinging kettlebells.

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