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D-Money and the myth of black hypersexuality

Last week Maine’s governor, Paul LePage, had something to say on black men and white women. Turns out, we have something to say too.

5 Sex stories that are almost mythical

No myths to debunk here, these stories are so awesome they are legen (wait for it) dary.

Asexual Awareness Week – A Primer on Aces

Asexuals have been called frigid, broken, and odd - but it's a sexuality just like any other. Here is a big post on asexuals.

Interview with Rope Master Lord Morpheous

Morpheous Bondage Extravaganza is “the world's largest, single night rope bondage exhibit”. We thought we would catch up with the founder and see what it is about.

Why we do what we do

Why talk about sex? Because everyone has sex questions. Take a look at these questions and you'll see that we have a lot of work to do.

Dark Odyssey

I spent my weekend at my favorite event. Have you been to the Dark Side?

There’s a gap!

Where did I go?

Sex Educator Bootcamp

In this world of sketchy fact-checking and aggrandizing self-made titles, declaring myself a "Sexual Educator" is astonishingly easy. Of course, so is declaring myself...

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