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2015 Highlights

This year has been an amazing, kinky adventure for Ms.Pomegranate and myself. Here are our highlights of 2015.

My Wish for 2017 – Stay in the Room

2017 is going to be challenging. Don't give up, too many people need you.
Talking about sex education

Why we do what we do

Why talk about sex? Because everyone has sex questions. Take a look at these questions and you'll see that we have a lot of work to do.

D-Money and the myth of black hypersexuality

Last week Maine’s governor, Paul LePage, had something to say on black men and white women. Turns out, we have something to say too.

We’re #1!

Kinkly's annual Sex Blogging Superheroes list is out. Guess who is at the top?


How to make sense of the senseless tragedy at Orlando's Pulse Club?

Exercise Your Right to Vote (for us)

A big election is coming! (No, not THAT one.)

Seeking Ataraxia

I am going to Ataraxia. Come along if you like, I think you will like it.

The Poly and Kinky guide to surviving the holidays

The holidays present some special challenges for people who are kinky or polyamorous. Let us walk you through it.

Latest Post

Palm Power Vibrator Review

I tested the Palm Power Vibrator to see if it was the kind of vibrator I can use in a scene. Here's my review.
Erotic Bootblacking

Erotic BootBlacking

Valentine’s Kinky Shopping