Catalyst Con

Catalyst Con
Catalyst Con

I knew when I started my journey down the sexual  blogging/ sexual educator path I was going to need some help. Alright, a LOT of help. To that end, I believe in only learning from the best, and the best are found in one place. Catalyst Con.

Catalyst Conference.

Imagine a group of bloggers, writers, sexual pioneers, sexual educators getting together and sharing everything they know. Sound awesome? Yeah, it was. It will take weeks to process everything I learned, go through the amount of business cards I collected, and read all my notes. It’s like a rich, fulfilling meal that will keep your hunger at bay for weeks.

Here are some my Catalyst Con highlights –

  • Attending the Sex Educator Bootcamp with the incomparable Tristan Taormino
  • A panel on sex toys – past, present and future
  • Seeing a new Bluetooth controlled vibrator from Ohmibod – y’all…you WANT this, trust me
  • Listening to Betty Dodson in the closing keynote (it was controversial and enlightening, just like the woman herself)
  • Talking about poly in today’s world, and the issues of being ‘out’ or not
  • Sex and the media – a great conversation on how to spur conversations in a world where sex talk is still taboo
  • A live taping of Sex Out Loud podcast, and getting to see/ meet Funky Brown Chick (aka Twanna A. Hines)

I wish I could write a detailed, comprehensive post on all the knowledge I took in, but I just can’t. One, it’s just too much and two – did I mention there is a LOT? But you, my new readers, will be the beneficiaries of this great conference, because you will see it in my writing, hear me speak about it, and take advantage of the next level of education I have received.

Three people made this happen for me, in a time when I am out of work, and to them, I say thank you! I hope next year to pay it forward by offering a full conference pass to one of my readers, but that, my lovelies, is a post for a future time.




  1. Thank you very much Aja. Nice to see you here. And elle s’ennuie, thank you too. And alo. I’m trying so hard to not use eaatcmxlion points (!) Ya I wanted to do a new pocket. It’s the buttons that make me crazy, they are really nice. I think it’s ok if it’s showing wear especially nice green stuff. They do clean up pretty well and can take a pretty heavy duty cleaning. I love to hear bag updates! I think the totes you have of mine may have the best life of any that have gone out into the wilds of the world. I can’t even believe all the endless- here is a butterfly, here are some deer, here are flower and flowers and more flowers, oh here is an abandoned castle. Bit jealous!


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