Available Presentations

Do you need a speaker for your conference? Here are the presentations I currently offer. For panel discussions, please send an email through the contact page to see if it is a good fit.

Sex in the Media

Blogging – more than sex and posting. In this class, Ms Pomegranate takes you through the basics of blogging – choosing a domain name, setting up a blog, pitfalls to avoid, SEO, and tools to help more people to see your content. While social media is covered in this presentation, it is only a small part.

Social Media – Exhausting? Necessary? Troublesome? Or a integral part of today’s world? In this presentation Ms Pomegranate will take you through the social media platforms, emphasizing how to leverage each one to reach your audience.

General Sex Education

A.W.A.R.E. –  Approval, Willingness, Authorization, Right of Rejection, Every time = A conversation on consent and how to approach positive consent to protect yourself and your partner.

Shuffling the Deck, Conversations on Gender, Sexuality, and BDSM – presentation here.


BDSM 101 (General)

Geared for a general audience, class covers the basics of BDSM such as consent, negotiation, play techniques and common terminology

BDSM 101 (Kink Aware)

Geared for a kink curious or aware audience, covers the basics of BDSM in depth for those who have some familiarity with the kink lifestyle and want to learn more

BDSM 201

A deeper discussion of BDSM techniques on an intermediate level, goes in depth with topics like negotiation, consent, play techniques and terminology

Sexy Blogging

Covers the specific issues related to sex positive blogging, this comprehensive class covers issues such as the technical concerns and creating content that expresses your unique, sex positive voice

Intro to Boot and Shoe Play

Explains the significance of fetish footwear and how this popular fetish can be incorporated into a kinky play scene

Bondage 101

An introductory rope bondage class that covers foundational ties, rope safety, negotiation, consent and rope scene dynamics

Rope For Every Body

Using the body as a template, this class introduces the concepts of body positivity and awareness into rope bondage. Covers how rope can be modified to fit the unique emotional and physical needs of each scene

Functional Bondage: Rope for Scenes

Class covers how rope bondage can be adapted for functionality in order to complement BDSM play scenes

Bedroom Dungeon: Intimate Rope for Sex and Pleasure

Practical tips on how to learn simple rope bondage techniques which work effectively in a intimate bedroom or home setting

Intro to Floor Suspensions

A modified form of partial suspension which is suitable for various body types. Class covers safety, scene evaluations, rigging and executing a full floor suspension

The Mechanics of Rope Suspension Lifts

This class will covers the specific skills needed to execute a rope suspension lift. Class will discuss issues relevant to lifting the body and allow for real time interaction between riggers, bottoms and the class

Impact Basics

Impact play is essentially about generating and directing energy to your partner for a desired result. The class will cover impact play safety, how to properly use impact toys, hygiene, negotiation, consent and also includes an impact demo


Approval, Willingness, Authorization, Right of Rejection, Every Time.  A conversation on informed consent

Skin and Steel: An Intro to Erotic Knifeplay

Although intimidating on the surface, erotic knifeplay is actually a safety conscious, connective and hot form of BDSM play. Learn how to use sharp implements effectively in kinky play

Sensual Pouring: An Intro to Erotic Wax Play

Skin. Touch. Connection. Heat and intimacy. Learn how wax is the ultimate sensation tool for anyone looking to create an erotic kinky experience

Sexy and Spooky: The Science of Fear Play

This is our class which breaks down how the brain processes fear and how to use that knowledge to incorporate an element of fear or suspense into scenes Covers safety, consent, negotiation, scene ideas and a demo of a fear play scene

Different Shades of Kink: Questions of Diversity in Sex Positive Lifestyles

A presentation that questions why there is a lack of diversity in sex positive communities and how these inequalities can be addressed, thereby leading to more inclusive, diverse and safer opportunities for everyone