About Us

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Perverse, polyamorous, kinky sex geeks talking the taboos.

The Black Pomegranate are collectively Mr BLK and Ms Pomegranate, two Maryland based kink and sex educators that are passionate when it comes to helping people have more satisfying (and kinky) relationships.

Both lifestyle dominants, Mr BLK and Ms Pomegranate bring a combined decade of lifestyle experience and knowledge to their craft, with a special focus on creating sensual, demanding play experiences. As a rope duo, The Black Pomegranate favor a hybrid of traditional shibari and functional bondage which has been displayed in dungeons and artistic rope bondage exhibitions.

As social media influencers The Black Pomegranate have a presence on Twitter (@BlkPomegranate),  Facebook, and the blog theblackpomegranate.com which had the distinction of being named Kinkly.com’s #1 Sex Blogger Superhero of 2015. Featuring popular content such as Five Myths About and interactive tutorials, the blog has become a trusted resources of reliable kink and sex information.

With an academic yet relaxed teaching style Mr.BLK and Ms.Pomegranate have a simple credo of “Talking the Taboos”, meaning sex should be positive and nutritive, with informed consent clearly communicated. The Black Pomegranate stresses that better sex and kink is for everyone.