5 Myths About…Needle Play

A very advanced needle play design
A very advanced needle play design

I’ve recently been listening to the S-Town podcast. No, wait let me back up. I love the news, I really do – I even think of myself as a political junkie. But since January, I just can’t – it’s not good for me and stresses me out. So I’ve picked up some more podcasts, I’ve gone from four subscriptions to…well, who knows – a lot. And I’ve been eagerly awaiting S-Town from the creators of Serial. It was awesome. However (minor spoilers), there are some mentions of needle play, and that can make people cringe and shudder. Since it’s presented poorly in the podcast (all props to the narrator, it’s more about how the practice is done), I thought – hey what a time to talk about needle play!

If your only interaction with needles is the doctor’s office, or you are scared of them – you need to go now. This is your warning. But if you’re still here, we’re going to talk about sticking things in people to induce some awesome endorphins. I LOVE sticking pointy things in people, and watching their fear and then their bliss as the endorphins kick in – it’s an experience. So here are five myths about needle play –

1) Ew. So dirty! I’m going to catch something – Well…if you go to your friend who doesn’t know what s/he’s doing, then, you know, maybe. But anyone who does needle play keeps to basic sterilization procedures and uses clean (one-time use/ disposable) gloves, individually wrapped needles kept wrapped until they are time to be used, clean gauze, disinfection tools for the skin, chux, and SHARPS container. All of these tools mean your chance of infection is very, very small. The goal is to get you high on endorphins not cause you permanent damage from dirty implements. If you ever have any question about what someone is using – ask! The space itself doesn’t have to be operating room clean, but there is a chance of blood, so you want to make sure there are proper barriers between you and the fluids (if you’re the top), and protect your bottom from any chance of infection. And to mention blood –

2) Bloody, blood, blood – No, not really. This isn’t technically blood play, though there may be pinpoint of blood when you remove the needle (hence the need for gauze). Rarely will there be rivulets of blood, so if you’re super squeamish – maybe this isn’t for you. If you’re only kind of squeamish – you should be alright. HERE IS THE CAVEAT – I’ve watched people manipulate the needles and strike them and guess what? BLOOD! You can easily turn this play into blood play, and if you intend to do so – prepare! Lots of gauze, a good space where other people won’t get into your space and contaminate or be contaminated by fluids.

3) OMG THIS IS AWFUL! – It really isn’t. Look, needles come from all shapes and sizes, here’s a handy dandy chart!

Needle Gauges
Needle Gauges

If you’re interested, start on the smallest size and stick it in a fatty area. You’ll feel this release of tingly endorphins. And that’s it. Sure, it’s edge-play, no two ways about it. But it is nowhere near as bad as you think it is. Unless you want it to be. Needles in pretty design up and down your back, in genitals, breasts – you name it. Stimulate them, make them bleed, attach them to a tens unit and make them REALLY hurt (don’t do this unless you have been trained!). But it’s a spectrum, and you get to decide what side of the spectrum you are on. Plus there’s those tingly endorphins. You know when you get a really sugary cake and you press the sugary icing to the top of you mouth and your mouth just tingles? It feels like that. Only better.

4) B…b…but you just stick them in and… – OK, no. We may talk about ‘sticking’ and ‘pokes’, but the needles actually go just under the skin and come out the other side. Technically, it’s two sticks per needle. And it doesn’t hurt as much as you think it will, just like when you go to the Dr.’s, but that’s part of it – the fear you put in your own mind.

5) Scars, and marks, oh my! – Do you have scars from needles at your Dr’s office? or that IV you got? No? Same here. You’ll be fine. These are needles not scalpels – which are used in cutting and that DOES leaves marks, but that’s for another time. You skin will be inflamed and swollen, it may even bruise, but there won’t be permanent marks of your play.

Let me be clear – DO NOT ASK YOUR LOCAL PIERCER TO DO THIS. People, what is wrong with you? (podcast reference), go to a dungeon, or find someone who has done it before. Do it in an environment with a dungeon monitor, a safe place, with someone you trust.

If you like needle play there are other things you can do to take it to the next level – some mentioned above, others (like energy pulls, hooks, and weights) are for another post. If you’ve been thinking about dipping your toe into this wicked type of play, I highly encourage it! Just stay clean, safe, kinky!

Ms Pomegranate is an experienced sex educator - concentrating on Sexual health in the teen years, and BDSM for beginners. In the scene she is a rope bottom for MrBLK, and domme for all who would venture into her domain. Sex blogger, sex educator, and sexy - talking the taboos!

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