5 Myths About…Mummification

Mummification can cause shivers of dread at the mere thought, but as a kink it is widely practiced among more experienced BDSM players. Today we are going to talk about the myths surrounding mummification.

Plasticwrap Mummification
Plastic-wrap Mummification

1. As long as you can breathe through your nose and mouth, you’re alright – Mummification means wrapping up your body tight in the material of your choice. But it also wraps up your rib cage, compressing it and therefore compromising your ability to breathe. In this case, even if the nose and mouth are open to the air, breathing can be restricted to the point your bottom is in real danger. Offset this by foregoing tight wrapping from the lower stomach to the shoulders, to make sure the rib and lungs can expand

2. Getting it off is the easy part – Oh, how wrong you are, my friend. When mummifying someone, it is normal to take your time, to check in with them regularly as you take away sensations (Feeling, seeing, speaking, etc). During mummification, you keep a close eye on your bottom, and standby with safety scissors in case you need to get them out of the material quickly. Now, you think, is the easy part – stripping it all down and taking it off. Mummification is intense, and you need to ease your bottom back into the world of sensation and noise. Take off the material you chose as carefully as you put it on, make sure that if the material will cause pain (LOOKING AT YOU DUCT TAPE), you give them breaks to breathe, and let them sit or lay down as the scene winds down. This is one of those types of play that can be considered edgeplay, treat it as such. Plan well for the scene and for the aftercare. Ease the bottom into the scene and out of it. It will make the scene all the more sweeter.

3. Regular safewords are fine – Maybe, but maybe not. If your mummification includes covering the mouth, you will need another way to communicate with your bottom. Since it’s likely their hands are also bound with whatever material, and this is edgeplay you must plan carefully for safewords. The best is to hum a certain set of notes. Three is yellow, and five is red. Or if they are lying down, rolling to their side can be a signal. Just make sure it is noticeable and planned, don’t fuck around when someone is head to toe in plastic wrap. If you are ever unsure if a person is struggling, go ahead and ruin the scene and free the person from the bindings. I cannot stress this enough – do not fuck around with this if you have not planned properly. The number one part of your plan is how to communicate when someone can’t see or talk to you.

Soft Mummification
Soft Mummification

4. Plastic wrap and duct tape – If you look at the mummification pictures this is what you will see a lot of, and I’m a fan. However, as we have learned with BDSM, you don’t have to go hard to have a good scene. Wrap a person up in sleeping bag, swaddle them tightly, or bind them and put them in a dark box. There are a lot of ways to practice this that don’t include raiding your drawers for the Costco-sized plastic wrap.

5. Plastic wrap and duct tape, part 2 – If you have a feel for this kink and practice it, don’t be afraid to add in some more elements that might be fun. How about a Wand Vibrator? Or some tickle torture on their feet? Or even some flogging? If your bottom wants an intense scene, there are plenty of ways to get there after you have mummification on.

Now, we’ve talked about some serious stuff here, so let’s have the disclaimer – BE SAFE. KNOW YOUR SAFEWORDS, HAVE SOME SAFETY SCISSORS HANDY, TREAT THIS AS EDGE PLAY. This type of play is fun and intense, but is not for beginners. However, if you are looking for that next level, I have some pallet wrap with your name on it.

Until Next Time!

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Ms Pomegranate is an experienced sex educator - concentrating on Sexual health in the teen years, and BDSM for beginners. In the scene she is a rope bottom for MrBLK, and domme for all who would venture into her domain. Sex blogger, sex educator, and sexy - talking the taboos!

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